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A Guide to Online Casino Tournaments

If you�re an online casino player who loves slots, blackjack, or roulette and you're yet to play in a tournament that focuses on one of these games, then you're missing out.

Online casino tournaments are fun, exciting, and competitive. In online casino tournaments, players start with the same stake or the same number of spins and compete with one another. Each of our recommendations offer brilliant tournaments alongside:

  • Brilliant welcome bonuses & regular promotions
  • A wide range of secure banking options
  • Dedicated support team available around the clock
This page is for you if:
  • You want to learn more about online casino tournaments
  • You like the idea of taking on your opponents while playing slots
  • You want to discover how table games can earn you big prizes
  • You are looking for the best gambling and tournament sites on the net

How Tournaments Work

Online casino tournaments

Those involved in online casino tournaments are usually competing by playing slots, blackjack or roulette, which are the three most popular casino games at online and land-based casinos. These competitions may occur over one or more days and involve players all being given the same number of spins, hands, or bets. Those who win the most money are the ones who are awarded prizes. Note that the cash you accumulate during the tournament is not real money. These winners are considered points, which represent your score for the competition.

Entering a Tournament

There are various ways for players to gain entry into an online casino tournament. The types of tournaments and way by which players may enter include:

Freeroll: A seat in a freeroll is awarded for various reasons, such as when you make a deposit, earn a certain number of player points, or when you play on a specified day. A freeroll tends to offer few prizes and the amounts are small.

Sit and Go: This kind of tournament has an entry fee, which finances the prize pool, and starts when a predetermined number of players has signed up.

Scheduled Tournament (with Buy-in and Fixed Payout): This type of tournament also has a buy-in and may include hundreds if not thousands of players. The time and date for the tournament is specifically scheduled. The prize pool is predetermined and not dependent on how many people register. There can be up to 100 prizes paid with the top prizes being quite large, depending upon the buy-in.

Scheduled Tournament (with Buy-in and Accumulated Payout): This second kind of Scheduled Tournament is the same as the first type except that it has no cap on the prize pool. The prize money is dependent upon the size of the buy-in and the number of players who register.

VIP Tournament: This type of online tournament is offered to those players who bet and play the most. It is an invitation only tournament and very exclusive.

Tournaments According to Game

Guide to online slots tournaments

Along with the above method of categorizing casino tournaments, gaming rooms differentiate tournaments by the kind of game that is played. Of the three types of tournaments below, the slots tournament is by far the most popular, followed by blackjack.

Slots Tournaments

With slots tournaments, players receive a certain number of credits for a specified slot machine. These tournaments may take place over a few days. Often players are given a window of time during which they can play.

Blackjack Tournaments

Blackjack tournaments are run a bit differently than slots. These tournaments, which may be played in rounds, may last one day, a weekend, a week, or may be played over numerous weekends. Players begin the tournament at the same time and any player who’s not eliminated due to having lost all of their chips, stops playing at a predetermined time when the round is over. In tournaments with numerous rounds, players with lower chip stacks may be eliminated at the end of a round. The player who finishes the tournament with the most chips wins top prize.

Roulette Tournaments

Roulette tournaments are run much in the same manner of those involving blackjack. Players will usually all start at the same time and with the same number of chips. The tournament will end at a certain time. Those in the tournament are eliminated when they have lost all of their chips. Those who are still playing when time runs out and who have the biggest chip stacks win the most cash. Some tournaments are played in rounds and only the top finishers after each round advance to the next round.

Benefits You Can Look Forward To

Best blackjack tournaments

Players tend to find that there are numerous benefits to playing in slots tournaments as well as other casino competitions. Benefits include:

  • Low to moderate buy-ins with elongated playing time
  • Large prize pools and premium prizes such as holidays, high-end tech merchandize, and designer gear make tournaments attractive
  • Structured round play can provide extended playing time
  • Competition in these tournaments is fun and exciting, as well as rewarding
  • Tournaments are a great way to hone playing skills, develop a greater understanding of the game, and improve bankroll management
  • Very little risk involved

Where the Best Opportunities Are

Online gambling is always exciting, but if you like competition, then tournaments will definitely feed the desire you have to put your skills to the test against other players. To find an online tournament casino, please review our shortlist of quality gaming rooms.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I enter a slots tournament?

Go to your favorite online casino and determine if they offer slots tournaments. If they do offer such tournaments, check to see if you qualify for a freeroll, and if you do, check the time of the next freeroll. To find out when all tournaments are scheduled, go to your casino�s tournament page. The page will also describe the type of tournament it is, how much the buy-in is, and what kind of prize pool is being offered.

What are the entry requirements?

The only entry requirement for a tournament is usually that you have enough money for the buy-in. This means that tournaments can have a mixture of different skill levels playing in them. It is occasionally the case that some tournaments are only open to players of a certain level though, such as those with higher numbers of frequent player points. Also, for freerolls, you may have had to have made a deposit into your online casino account.

How do the different tournaments compare?

If you play in a freeroll, the prize pool will be very low, while prize pools for a sit and go are larger, but certainly not as large as those offered in scheduled tournaments that offer an accumulated prize pool. VIP tournaments as well as those played over the course of numerous days may not offer huge cash rewards, but they might provide winners with expensive prizes.

How much money can be won?

This really depends on the size of the tournament and how much the buy-in is. Some tournaments can have prize pools of well over one thousand dollars. For sit �n� go tournaments, the top prize is generally around just over half of the total sum of the buy-ins.

Can beginners play?

Beginners are more than welcome to play in tournaments, and all good slots tournament casinos, as well as blackjack and roulette casinos, provide low-stakes tournaments for beginners. Some even offer free tournaments, which are great for those looking to understand the structure without having to risk their own money.