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Mega Jackpots Wheel of Fortune Slot

igt by IGT
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Last 10 Jackpots
1 ÂŁ577,692 23 Nov 2022
2 ÂŁ1,140,086 16 Oct 2022
3 ÂŁ1,769,005 3 Apr 2022
4 ÂŁ559,805 27 Jan 2021
5 ÂŁ568,450 2 Jan 2021
6 ÂŁ598,199 9 Dec 2020
7 ÂŁ1,057,352 9 Nov 2020
8 ÂŁ643,281 31 May 2020
9 ÂŁ1,274,928 27 Apr 2020
10 ÂŁ552,447 2 Nov 2019
Biggest 10 Wins of all times
1 ÂŁ1,769,005 3 Apr 2022
2 ÂŁ1,413,764 8 Jan 2019
3 ÂŁ1,305,147 1 Nov 2019
4 ÂŁ1,300,785 12 Jun 2019
5 ÂŁ1,274,928 27 Apr 2020
6 ÂŁ1,140,086 16 Oct 2022
7 ÂŁ1,122,555 9 Jun 2019
8 ÂŁ1,057,352 9 Nov 2020
9 ÂŁ872,422 6 Mar 2019
10 ÂŁ767,707 2 Aug 2018

Playing Mega Jackpots Wheel of Fortune

IGT is the brains behind the Mega Jackpots Wheel of Fortune slot machine. This progressive jackpot game was released in 2019 and has produced some Mega Jackpots Wheel of Fortune winners. Featuring a 5x3 layout, the game merges the wheel of fortune concept with regular online slot gaming. On the left side of the reels, you will see a small part wheel that can lead to winning the major jackpot prize.

Unlike some games with more than one progressive jackpot, there is only one Mega Jackpots Wheel of Fortune jackpot. To stand a chance to win this prize, you need to activate the wheel of fortune feature. This happens when three wheels of fortune symbols simultaneously appear on the slot’s reels. Once it does, the wheel on the left of the game starts spinning, and if it lands on the Mega Jackpot Bonus, you will be taken to a different screen where you can be lucky to win the mega jackpot.

In the Mega Jackpot Bonus, envelopes with hidden prizes will be lined up on a slant wheel. After that, the wheel will be spun, and the envelope where the pointer lands will be revealed. If it is the Mega Jackpots envelope, you win the progressive jackpot prize. Apart from the mega jackpot, Mega Jackpots Wheel of Fortune has other features, most of which are associated with the wheel of fortune in the base game. You can enjoy multipliers, random symbols, mystery symbols, sticky wild re-spins, and so on. Play Mega Jackpots wheel of Fortune slots online at our recommended casinos with Mega Jackpots Wheel of Fortune. You may be lucky to be a Mega Jackpots Wheel of Fortune winner!

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