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Top Ranked Online Casinos for SA Players in 2022

Top Ranked Online Casinos for SA Players

Online gambling is quickly growing in South Africa with more players looking for online casinos that they should play at. That’s why we’ve taken the time to track down some of the very best online casino options in 2022 for South African players. To find these casinos we looked at things like banking options available, the promotions that the casinos have to offer as well as the selection of games at each casino. These considerations make it possible to select from the leading casinos while avoiding all the others.

South African players looking for online casinos to enjoy and to start playing at should figure out exactly what they want out of a casino and choose the option that’s going to offer them the most in features overall. While searching for the leading SA online casinos, we found casino to be our top ranking option for players that we strongly recommend in 2022. Choose one of our recommended casinos and you’ll enjoy all of the following perks in 2022.

  • Support for the ZAR and many banking options
  • Excellent mobile support with a range of device options
  • Top promotions with the most value

An Excellent Selection of Games

An Excellent Selection of Games

It’s important to choose an online casino with a good selection of games. Top casinos generally have more than 100 different games to choose from and they can be in a range of areas. Some focus on slots or table games, while others will offer a mixture of slots and table games, as well as other features like video slots, live dealer games and sports betting. When choosing top online casinos to recommend, we look closely at the different games offered and the quality of those games.

Experience the Excitement of Live Dealers

There’s something particularly exciting about playing live dealer games at an online casino. It’s the closest that you can get to sitting down in a real casino and experiencing the game along with many other people around you. When playing a live dealer game you’ll see your dealer right in front of you on a video screen. This dealer will be making active decisions, just as if you were sitting there in front of them. The only difference is that you don’t have to travel and you can enjoy the game at any time.

We like to included casinos that offer live dealer games, and our reviewers look at the range of live dealer games available, as well as when they are available to players in South Africa. Many of our top-rated options offer several different live dealer games to enjoy.

"Our top casinos support mobile devices making it easy to gamble on the go."

Win Big with Progressive Jackpot Games

One of the best ways to win massive prizes while gambling online is with progressive jackpots. These are massive prize jackpots that are pooled between all the different players experiencing the casino game. They can be for table games or for slots, but the jackpots pay out thousands or sometimes millions in prize money and that amount just continues to go up over time until someone wins.

Progressive jackpots are becoming increasingly sought after, so we make special considerations to find casinos that offer this feature when making top picks for gamblers online. While browsing through our top casinos you’ll see plenty of progressive jackpot game options to enjoy, and they won’t be slot or table games specifically but a mixture of the two. That makes it easy to find casinos to try these high-paying games out at.

Support for SA Mobile Users

Support for SA Mobile Users

Mobile gambling is becoming the new normal and an unprecedented number of players are looking for casinos that support mobile devices. We understand that online gamblers in South Africa want to be able to gamble using their mobile devices when possible, and that’s why many of our real money online casinos offer full mobile support. When evaluating these casinos, we take the time to dig into the level of support that’s offered, what games are available and what devices can be used to play there.

Mobile gambling can happen two different ways. Either players can download an app to their device and connect to the casino and play the games through it, or players can get onto a web browser and play mobile games right through the browser on their devices. Both options work well, but different players prefer one method or the other usually. Our casinos include some that offer app support and others that offer instant play support, so players can choose the access method that they prefer.

When looking at mobile casinos, one of the most important considerations for South African gamblers is what devices are supported. After all, mobile gambling won’t work very well if you can’t use the device that you own to do it. Our top recommended sites support a wide range of mobile devices and system types, making it possible for most users to find at least one location to play at. Below is an overview of the most common supported devices.

Kindle Fire
Samsung Galaxy devices
HTC and LG devices
Windows Phone

Top Quality Payment Systems

While many new gamblers look closely at the different promotions available, as well as the game selection, few take the time to actually look at the different payment methods that are supported, even though that’s arguably the most important feature of a casino. After all, if you can’t use one of the available payment methods, you can’t gamble on the site for real money.

We understand the importance of payment method compatibility, and recommend casino sites that offer a good range of common payment methods used by players in South Africa. When you play at one of our top recommended casinos, you’ll likely see support for debit and credit cards, e-Wallet services as well as some prepaid card services. Below is a list of the most commonly supported payment methods, and most of our top casinos support at least a portion of the options on this list.


How We Select Leading South African Online Casinos

How We Select Leading South African Online Casinos

Choosing the top online casinos for players in south Africa isn’t a simple task and it’s something that we take very seriously. There’s a lot of time that goes into making the right decision, and without spending the proper level of time we simply can’t recommend any one casino with confidence.

When choosing a casino we look at things like the total number of games offered, what promotions are available, whether or not mobile devices are supported and how many payment methods are available. Of course we make additional considerations and each casino review is different, but our top recommendations will all have many of the same features in common and offer the same level of service and value overall.

  • Game selection – Our team reads through the list of games to make sure it’s comprehensive and includes quality items.
  • Banking options – Our reviewers look closely at all the deposit and withdrawal methods supported.
  • Mobile support – We look closely at what mobile devices are supported and only recommend accommodating casinos.
  • Safety and security – Security is vital and our recommendations include sites with solid safety nets in place.
  • Customer support – Problems arise while gambling, we choose casinos that have a solid support system in place to help with those problems.

After making all the above considerations our review team can recommend a specific casino with confidence that it’s going to offer a quality gambling experience. Take a look at some of our top rated casinos for South African players. You’re sure to find one that contains features you value and that will enhance your gambling experience.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are online casinos in South Africa safe to play at?

The top-rated casinos are. That’s because they all have excellent security measures in place to protect players. These casinos are licensed carefully and meet specific guidelines for gambling safety.

What payout percentages are offered by these casinos?

The payout percentage offered depends on the specific casino and the game being played, but usually it falls between 95% and 99.5%.

How do I make a deposit or withdrawal at an SA casino?

To add or remove money from your casino

Can I play in ZAR?

Yes, while not every casino that we recommend supports the ZAR natively, most of our top recommendations do. That means you can make all your deposits and withdrawals using the currency without worrying about conversion rates or anything like that.

Is it necessary to gamble using real money?

No, players can very easily gamble for play money if they would prefer that to real money. The main difference is that there is no real money to win in the process.

What steps do I have to go through to claim a welcome bonus?

To claim a welcome bonus, you must first make a qualifying deposit as outlined by the rules of the casino. Then you have to play the games and gamble enough money and the bonus will unlock and be credited to your account.

What should I be searching for when finding a South African casino to play at?

You should be looking for a casino with a good selection of games, mobile support, banking options and security. Top casinos have all of these things.

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