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Live Dealer Blackjack: A Guide to Real-Money Online Play

Live Dealer Blackjack is a great online casino invention that lets you play against a real-life croupier. The shoes are real, the cards are real, but you place bets on your computer like you do in online casino blackjack.

In 2023, you can find many casino sites that have Live Dealer Blackjack as standard. Don’t have time to play at different sites or read all our reviews? Well, in that case, we’d recommend that you head straight to Gambino Slots, which is our top-rated site for live dealer blackjack players.

Check out this live blackjack page at Casino Online and:

  • Discover the top places to play live blackjack
  • See which casinos have the biggest bonuses
  • Learn the best tactics to use when playing live blackjack
This page is for you if:
  • You want to know the difference between online blackjack and Live Dealer Blackjack
  • You are attracted by low house edges and easy games
  • You are looking for safe and secure online casinos
  • You want a top bonus when you sign up

How Live Dealer Blackjack Works

How Live Dealer Blackjack Works

Live blackjack online is a unique experience, but one quite familiar if you've played in a brick n' mortar casino.

Live blackjack online, or Live Dealer blackjack, uses human dealers but lets you place bets on your computer or device.

Gamblers will still play using standard online protocols, clicking the mouse to make wagers. However, the game action is actually happening live in a studio or casino setting. You will be able to watch the cards being dealt, shuffled, and will be able to interact with the dealer much like you would in a Vegas casino.

Making Live Dealer Bets on the Net

For the most part, the standard blackjack bets are pretty predictable. They are 1:1 for a push, or sometimes 2:1 or 3:2 for 21 or for beating the dealer.

In some cases, side bets are what make the game super exciting, but they can also be a way to deplete your bankroll faster. There is a reason why the payouts are so large with the side bets, and that is because they do not happen as frequently as the standard bets. But many blackjack players are not only in the game to win real money, they are in it for the rush of super wins.

Some of the side bets are based on getting 7s - sometimes called Super Sevens or Triple Sevens. Because seven is a lucky number in some regions of the world, it is a good number.

Benefits of live dealer blackjack

Plus, let's face it, three sevens equal 21, and that is a pretty special combination. If one of your first two cards is a 7, then you would win. If it happens that you end up with three upon requesting a hit, then it gets even better and it is equal to a jackpot in some cases.

The Benefits

Live Blackjack gives online casino players lots of opportunity to win money and have fun. It's simple to learn, has a low house edge, and you can see the cards being shuffled right in front of you.

Every online casino has software governed by an RNG (Random Number Generator). While reputable casinos are audited so that the RNGs are totally fair, some players still don't trust sites. With a Live Casino dealer you can see a human, trained croupier handling all the action.

Blackjack also enjoys a low house edge. As long as you are playing European Blackjack and employing optimal strategy, the edge can be much, much lower than roulette or slots.

Learning Good Live Blackjack Strategy

Good Live Dealer Blackjack Strategy

Every blackjack player is in search of the best strategies, and typically when it comes to table games knowing your odds and what the best bets are is the best strategy in the house. When it comes to blackjack strategy, depending upon who you ask, you will find a different version.

Look up strategy for a blackjack casino online and you will find guidelines, charts, and tables to help you improve your game. Many of the leading strategists suggest that you study, memorize, and keep track of your play. Discover what works, and what doesn't. The most important strategy is knowing when to hit, stand, split, and, if the rules allow it, surrender.

In the end, so much of blackjack relies heavily on the luck component to the strategy edge. Pay very close attention to the dealer's up card and focus on your cards. Compare your cards to that of your mates if you are playing multi-hand. Be certain to identify how many decks are being used. The more decks being used, the less your ability to keep track of cards in play, or what is to come. Correct strategy also changes when more decks are added to the shoe.

  • If you have two aces or eights - break up the set, i.e. split
  • Never split two face cards unless you are a good counter, or you have a hunch
  • Quit at 17 unless one of your cards is an ace

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is online live dealer blackjack?

If you're already a fan of online blackjack then you'll have no trouble understanding live dealer blackjack. This is because the gameplay is practically identical, just instead of a computer dealing your cards it's a real life person. Besides this, everything else is the same.

Where can I find it?

Online casinos have realized that live casino games, including blackjack, are now incredibly in-demand, therefore most have added them to their sites. We think that the best place to play is Gambino Slots, thanks to the great live games and fantastic welcome bonus.

Is it better than standard online blackjack?

The rules of live dealer blackjack are exactly the same as standard blackjack. After all, why would casinos want to alter one of the most popular games in the world? It is often the case that the minimum stakes are higher at live dealer blackjack though.

How many decks are used?

It is generally the case that most blackjack games use six or eight decks of cards, however this can vary depending on where you are playing. You should be able to find out the exact number by looking at the rules of any live dealer blackjack game though.

Can I use a strategy?

Blackjack, unlike some other casino games, incorporates an element of skill. This therefore means that there are a few tactics that can be adopted by more advanced players, such as doubling down at the correct times and splitting pairs properly. Of course, the game also features a large slice of luck too, so no strategy is guaranteed to bring profits.

Can I play on a mobile?

Live dealer blackjack is certainly available to those playing on a mobile device, and those with a tablet will probably enjoy it most. Make sure you are connected to a good Wi-Fi connection though, as live casino games often aren’t possible on weaker connections.

Is it fixed?

Absolutely not. Even if a casino wanted to fix their games, they are monitored incredibly heavily by external bodies, so they wouldn’t be able to. If you are still concerned, make sure you play at one of our recommended casinos, as they’ve all been checked for fairness by our expert team members.