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A Guide to Real-Money Red Dog Poker Online

Red Dog Poker is a fun casino game similar to the English favorite, Acey Deucey. Essentially, players have one move: to bet that the third card dealt will come sequentially between the first two cards dealt out.

Most online casinos have Red Dog Poker games at all stakes. You can download software or load up a table instantly via your web browser. You can even enjoy play-money games without risking a cent.

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This page is for you if:
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  • You are curious about learning the basic rules
  • You want to find a reliable casino for real money
  • You want your Red Dog play to contribute towards a bonus

How to Play Red Dog Poker Online

Red Rog Poker Guide

After making a bet, you watch as the dealer deals two cards on the table.

If the cards are next to each other (e.g. J-Q) there is a 'Push' and your bet is returned. If the two cards are identical, a third card is dealt. If that card matches the first two, you win 11/1 your money.

Now for the "Spread". If the two cards aren't the same, and there is a gap of one or more between them, the player has the option to place another bet. A third card is now dealt and you will be paid out if it falls between the two cards.


Red Dog payouts are made depending on how many cards lie between the two cards dealt out. The more 'gaps' there are, the lower the payout. So, for example, if the two cards are 2 and 10, you will be paid 1/1 if the third card drawn is a 3, 4, 5, 6, and so on.

  • 1-Card spread: Pays 5/1
  • 2-Card spread: Pays 4/1
  • 3-Card spread: Pays 2/1
  • 4-11 card spread: Pays 1/1

Finding the Best Casinos Online in 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Red Dog?

Red Dog Poker is an incredibly popular game at online casinos, which mixes large portions of luck with the skill of knowing when to bet, and when to keep your money for another hand. It is found at many different online casinos and can be played at a variety of different stakes.

How is it played?

The player first bets, then two cards are dealt. If they’re consecutive, the hand is a push, and if they’re equal, another card is dealt – if it is also equal, the player wins at 11:1. For all other combinations, the dealer announces the spread (for example, 6 and 10 would have a spread of 3). The player then chooses to bet again or not. A third card is dealt, and if it’s between the first two cards the player wins.

How does it compare to regular poker?

Red Dog Poker really isn’t like any other form of poker played at casinos, as there is no requirement to make specific hands. In fact, the only similarities are the use of cards and the fact that players bet on the game. It’s this different approach that makes it so popular though.

What are the odds like?

The house edge when playing Red Dog Poker really depends on the amount of decks being used, with less decks leading to a higher house edge. The most amount of decks usually used is eight, which leads to a house edge of 2.751%. For games only using one deck though, the house edge jumps to 3.155%. So, make sure you check the number of decks being used before you play.

How much can be won?

The most that can be won is a payout worth 11:1, which happens when three identical cards are dealt. Aside from this, the biggest win is 5:1, when the player bets successfully on a spread of just one card. A two card spread pays 4:1, a three card spread pays 2:1, and a four card spread or more pays 1:1.

Can I use a strategy?

There is one strategy to remember when playing Red Dog Poker, and it’s this: a player should only raise when the spread of cards is 7 or more, as this is when players actually have an edge over the casino. Other than that, the game is almost entirely down to luck.

Where can I play it online?

Red Dog Poker is offered at a number of different online casinos, however after looking through them all, we’ve come to the conclusion that InterCasino is the best place to play. This is because their selection of games is great, and they offer a fantastic welcome bonus to new players.

Does it have a mobile version?

Red Dog Poker is really popular among mobile players, as the game transfers really well onto mobile devices. This is mainly because it is simple, and therefore mobiles can run it smoothly. To play, access a casino via your mobile browser, or alternatively download an app.

Is it safe to play online?

Yes, it is completely safe to play online, especially when you play at one of our recommended casinos. This is because we will only ever recommend a casino that has met our strict requirements for safety and security features.