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Online Poker Dice: A Gambler's Top Guide

There are two kinds of poker dice rules – those for games against others and those for casino games. We'll start with casino games, as online casinos are the most likely place you could find a game of Poker Dice due to how few people are familiar with them these days.

First of all, many online casinos will offer bigger potential payouts for larger bets. This is similar to playing multiple coins and lines in a slot machine. In fact, casino Poker Dice are very similar to a simple slots game with one payline. Players who find an interest in casino Poker Dice may find it worthwhile giving slot games a chance. Video poker might also be an option, as it has the added advantage of being able to hold good cards and then spin again.

This page is for you if:
  • You want to learn the rules of Poker Dice online
  • You want to grasp some basic strategy
  • You are looking for a top casino on the net
  • You want a good deposit bonus upon sign-up

Playing Poker Dice Online: A Gambling Guide

Once the level of betting has been set, including the number of chips being bet, the dice are rolled. For many casinos, wins are paid out on two pairs or higher.

This puts the odds slightly in favor of the casino, as is usual for casino games. It's about a 2.47% edge for the house, which compares reasonably well to many other casino games.

Payouts depend on the amount bet and the value of the winning hand. The winning hands, in order of value, are two pairs, three of a kind, full house, four of a kind, low straight (K,Q,J,10,9), high straight (A,K,Q,J,10), and five of a kind. Once payouts have been determined and paid, a new round can begin.

Understanding Strategy

Poker Dice is one of the less common dice games found at gambling websites, but it still has a strong following of loyal enthusiasts. If you like games which are straightforward yet have a hint of twist or variation, Poker Dice may be for you.

The game has 1 payline. You’ll pick your stake and roll the dice. To win at Poker Dice online, the dice must land on a standard poker hand. If you don’t know what these are, take a look below:

Poker Dice Ranking of Hands:

  • Five of a Kind (ex: A A A A A)
  • Four of a Kind (ex: Q Q Q Q J)
  • Full House (ex: 10 10 10 K K)
  • Straight (ex: 9 10 J Q K)
  • Three of a Kind (ex: 9 9 9 K J)
  • Two Pair (ex: K K Q J J)
  • One Pair (ex: A A K Q J)
  • High dice (ex: A K J 10 9)

In this exciting table game, you can win up to 150 times your stake which is partly why it is so appealing to players.

Although not necessarily a strategy, to better your chances for winning at Poker Dice online, you will have the option to select one or more dice and attempt another role with those if you were not satisfied with the first roll.

This can only be done twice. After, you have to choose a combination with what you have rolled. Using the dice is mandatory even if you don’t win. This ensures every game has all 13 moves which are in accordance of the rules. That said, at the very least, stand on two pairs. This is the minimum hand that will earn you cash and is pretty easy to roll. Keep in mind, in Poker Dice, you have a lot less chance of busting than as you would in a standard poker game. This also means that you have a better chance at making pairs and straights.

When you play Poker Dice in a group setting, there are opportunities to misguide your other opponents by making it appear as if your hand is not as good as it seems. Think of it like bluffing in poker. However, at an online casino, Poker Dice is a virtual game. You will not be able to see the other players. Therefore, using this Poker Dice strategy online may not be an option. You can extend your play time in hopes of misleading players to think that you’re struggling, but again this will not always work.