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Online Poker Dice: 2023 Gambling Guide

Poker Dice is not a game that many will be familiar with, as the poker dice themselves have fallen out of fashion. Really just ordinary six-sided dice with poker ranks on the faces instead of numbers, poker dice are a flexible tool that can be used in a variety of games. Many of these online casino games can be played against other people for money, but there are games that use poker dice as well.

Poker Dice casino online games are a lot of fun because of how quickly they can be played. For games against other players, the inability to count cards makes for very interesting games that can really refine your ability to detect behavioral changes. This can be helpful in regular poker games. Casino Poker Dice, on the other hand, is fun due to how simple it is to learn and how quickly a hand can be played.

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Poker Dice Guide

How to Play Online Poker Dice

Generally, Poker Dice games use 5 dice, in order to represent a normal poker hand.

The possible hands are high card, pair, two pair, three of a kind, full house, straight, four of a kind, and the unique five of a kind. No flushes are possible, as the ranks are unsuited due to the limited number of faces on each die.

The card values on the faces of poker dice are standard. Every die has an Ace face, a King face, a Queen face, a Jack face, a 10-pip face, and a 9-pip face.

At the start of the game, pick your stakes, and hit the 'Roll' button. Five dice will roll and land on random faces. You can pay for more rolls and select dice to re-roll. Consider it like a re-draw in video poker.

Understanding Payouts

Poker Dice Payouts

There are many online poker dice variants, but here's a good example of payouts:

(Payouts for 1 coin)

  • Five Of A Kind - 20
  • High Straight (10-J-Q-K-A) - 6
  • Low Straight - 5
  • Four Of A Kind - 4
  • Full House - 3
  • Three Of A Kind - 2
  • Two Pairs - 1

Depending on the variant, you may also find special symbols on the dice like Wilds which help form winning poker dice "hands".

Some casinos online have interesting poker dice variants. Dice Twister lets you place bets on the outcome of three dice. A little like Craps, players can bet on the outcome of single dice rolls, or bet on the total of the three dice displayed.

Find the Best Poker Dice Casino Websites

Poker Dice isn't widely available for real money in 2023. However, it's a great Flash-powered casino game to enjoy if you can find it. Poker Dice online is a particularly fun game if you play Yahtzee. It's a game of odds and working out what the best "poker hands" are in any given situation.

All of our top sites feature great games and some amazing software. Whether you're after download games or enjoy gambling via your web browser, we have a site for you. We'll even hunt out the best bonuses and promotions to keep your bankroll ticking.

We Have the Top Welcome Bonuses in 2023

CasinoOnline.com's top team of Poker Dice gambling experts has picked out some great rooms for you. When you sign up, a first deposit will give you access to a great welcome bonus too. Just make a deposit with a VISA or MasterCard and play Poker Dice for real money. Play through enough games in your first month and the casino will match your deposit 100%. Start tossing those dice today!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Poker Dice?

Poker Dice is a great game at online casinos, where players try to roll the best possible poker hand with five dice. It isn’t a hugely popular game at online casinos, however it is being seen more and more as players realize the fun – and prizes – that it can bring.

How is it played?

Players first need to make a bet, before rolling the five dice. These die have a 9, 10. J, Q, K and A on them. If a player manages to roll a good enough poker hand – the lowest qualifying hand is usually two pairs – they will be paid the amount shown on the paytable.

How does it compare to regular poker games?

This game looks hugely different to all other types of poker, however it’s actually remarkably similar. In essence the cards have simply been swapped for dice, and the roll is just like the cards being dealt in a game of video poker. Poker Dice is completely down to luck though, while other forms of poker have elements of skill to them.

What are the odds like?

The return to player at this game is a pretty decent 97.99%, which is higher than many other games at online casinos. This means that a player can expect to lose an average of $2.01 for every $100 they bet when playing poker dice.

How much can be won?

The most that can be won in a single roll happens when a player rolls five of a kind, and this pays out at a rate of 100:1. All other possible combinations have quite low odds though, with the next highest being a high straight, which has odds of 6:1. Most players who make money from this game do so over a long period of time, and not in a single hand.

Can I use a strategy?

No, there is no strategy to use when playing Poker Dice, unlike other forms of poker at a casino. This is because playing this game is completely down to luck. Make sure you exercise good bankroll management though, by not betting all of your money in a single session of playing.

Where can I play it online?

Poker Dice isn’t found at every online casino, however it is becoming more and more popular as players realize how much fun it can bring. Some of the best places to play though are Unibet and Betsson, both of which are big names in the online casino industry.

Does it have a mobile version?

Yes, there are mobile versions of this game. Because poker dice is such a basic game to play, it means that the mobile versions will be exactly the same as the desktop versions. To access them, simply download a casino app or, if one isn’t available, head to the casino via your mobile device’s browser.

Is it safe to play online?

Playing at an online casino is incredibly safe, as long as you play at one of the casinos that we recommend. This is because we know what makes a casino secure, and have looked at all of them and evaluated their security features. We would never recommend a casino to you unless we were 100% sure it was safe.