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Online Keno: Play this Classic Casino Game for Real Money

Keno is a top online casino game that works a little like bingo. Players select numbers from a card of 80 numbers. The more numbers that get matched, the more the player wins.

Online Keno is a great casino online gambling game that can be played for cents or megabucks. In fact, you can even put your keno play towards unlocking a real-money bonus.

At CasinoOnline.com, our crack team of keno enthusiasts only recommends the very best online casinos. All of our picks feature keno rooms with stakes to suit any budget.

Find loads of great information, including help to:

  • See which sites offer keno to their players
  • Discover the best online casino welcome bonuses
  • Learn how to play this exciting online casino game
This page is for you if:
  • You want to enjoy real-cash keno online
  • You want to know the basic rules and gameplay
  • You are curious about where to find keno online
  • You want a great welcome bonus upon sign-up

How to Play Keno Online

If you've played Keno in Las Vegas, you'll know how easy it is to play.

You are presented with a card featuring a grid numbered 1-80. To play, you must select at least two numbers to bet on (with a maximum of ten). The more numbers you pick, the higher the payouts if you hit all the numbers.

After betting and choosing your stake, hit the 'Play' button. You can usually play one card or five in a row using exactly the same picks. The computer will then draw numbers at random. 20 balls will be pulled. If they correspond to your numbers, it will cover in a ball and flash. Hit five or more correct numbers to win a prize.

Here's an example of the payouts, with the player choosing 10 numbers:

Online Keno Guide
  • 10 = 10000 coins
  • 9 = 4500 coins
  • 8 = 1000 coins
  • 7 = 142 coins
  • 6 = 24 coins
  • 5 = 5 coins

At the end of the Keno game, you can clear the board (hit the 'clear' button) and start again. Alternatively, leave the numbers there and bet again. You can even see a list of previous results on the side of the screen to show how well you're hitting.

Finding the Top Keno Gambling Sites

Real-money Keno is a fun casino game which is available everywhere online. Casino sites usually stick it away in the 'Other Games' section of the lobby, but it's easy to find. It's a fun way of filling in the time between roulette and slots tournaments.

The best Keno casino online sites on the web feature excellent software, great promotions, and reliable software. Don't worry about the draw of the Keno balls being fixed: with almost all casinos, not least the ones we recommend, the software is totally random. It will also be audited to ensure a safe draw every time.

Enjoy the Best Welcome Bonuses

At CasinoOnline.com, we only pick out the very best Keno gaming rooms. All of our selections offer the latest games for download or instant-play.

And when you open an account, you can put your online casino Keno gaming to good use. Just make a deposit and access a superb welcome bonus worth hundreds of dollars. The more you play, the more cash you can unlock. It really is that simple.

Pick one of our recommended casino websites today and see where your Keno betting will take you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I play?

Keno is extremely popular, and online casinos recognise this. Therefore, the majority of online casinos will offer keno to their players. We’ve reviewed absolutely loads of them though, and rate InterCasino as the best place to play this exciting game.

Is it popular in the USA?

Keno is most popular in Asian countries - however it is still extremely popular in the USA, and is played by many people each and every day. As online casinos attract more players in the US, the game of keno is gaining even more popularity.

How much is it possible to win?

The amount you can win playing keno online really varies, depending on your luck and the amount of time you spend playing the game. It is important to mention this though: keno is the game with perhaps the worst house edge of all casino games, so this is a game usually played for fun, not profits.

Is there a tournament option?

Keno tournaments are often run at different online casinos, however the rules vary between each one. There is no real tactic for winning though, as keno is a game based entirely on luck. If you do happen to win a keno tournament, the prizes can be pretty large though.

Are the games rigged?

Providing you play at one of the casinos recommended on this site, you can be sure that every game of keno you play is 100% fair, and not rigged in any way. This is because we only recommend casinos that are monitored by well-respected external agencies, and that use the latest technology to ensure every game is completely random.