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A Guide to Fruit Machine Rules and Strategy

Based on classic UK slot machines, online casino 'fruit machines' feature simple paylines and side games. There are no complicated bonus rounds to navigate, just quick gambling action.

Fruit machines typically feature 1-3 paylines plus a simple bonus like 'Nudges' and 'Holds'. The winnings and jackpots might be small, but the action is fast and furious.

Most Internet casinos offer a handful of 'classic' fruit machines for real money. Let's take a look at how they work and how you can exploit them to make more cash.

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  • You want to learn more about fruit machines online
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How Fruit Machines Online Operate

Internet casinos' fruit machines typically feature 3-5 (sometimes more) rotating wheels. Each of them consists of various symbols, often based on fruit (hence the name).

The objective is to land winning combos of the different symbols. You will be able to view these payouts on your screen.

Usually, there will be a single payline (running horizontally across the middle of the reels) or three lines incorporating the two diagonals. Some classic fruit machines feature nine paylines (all horizontals plus the diagonals and other combos).

Common Features

Fruit Machines - Common Features

As well as the reels and spin button, fruit machines feature two classic added buttons: the HOLD and NUDGE.

HOLD: Triggered at random after any spin, the 'HOLD' buttons will flash below each reel. Click these to freeze the reels in place for the duration of one spin. This gives players the chance to hit further winning combinations.

NUDGE: Also triggered at random, the Nudge allows players to 'shift' the reels up or down one or two spots to help form winning paylines.

BONUS TRAIL: The biggest feature of a fruit machine is the bonus trail. After consecutive wins, a 'trail' will light up on the fruit machine interface. Fill in all the trail spots and you'll win a jackpot. You may even trigger a special 'Hi-Lo' game or gain added nudges and holds.

Understanding Good Fruit Machine Strategy

While there's certainly a case for thinking UK-style land-based fruit machines are programmed to pay out irregularly, online games are totally random. All fruit machines and classic slots online are governed by RNGs (Random Number Generators) which means every single spin is independent from the last.

With so few paylines, the variance of fruit machines can be high. That means you may be spending a lot to win a small amount. Over the short-term, that can mean lots of losses before you bag a win. It's important, then, to gamble a little more on each spin than you normally would on video slots.

Play around with free-play versions of games and find a fruit machine that seems to trigger a lot of Nudges and Holds. Most casinos offer free-play games, and they are great for getting to grips with the rules.

Find The Best Fruit Machines

Find the Best Fruit Machine Casinos Online in 2017

Classic fruit machines are great for players who like to keep things simple. You won't find 3D cutaway sequences or big bonus features. However, you'll find easy-to-play games that suit mobiles and tablets as well as desktop machines. And with a small bankroll you can bag yourself some regular wins.

Practise at the play-money games and then give one of our top sites a try. All of our casinos feature lots of classic slots action plus some amazing bonuses to make your bankroll go further.