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Real-Money Online Fruit Machines

Fruit machines have been common to the UK for decades. Based on classic US-style AWP (Amusements With Prizes) machines, fruit machines have minimal reels and lots of fruit symbols (hence the name).

The stakes can be quite low on fruit machines, but the prizes can be fairly big. Best of all, though, is that almost every casino online offers dozens of classic "fruities" at a range of waging levels.

At CasinoOnline.com, we only recommend the very best online casino sites with lots of fruit machines.

Before you play fruit machines, read this page, which lets you:

  • Find the best fruit machines at online casinos
  • See which casinos give bonuses to fruit machine players
  • See the safest sites at which to play
This page is for you if:
  • You love land-based fruit machines and want to find online action
  • You are curious about placing bets
  • You want to find the best online casinos with fruit machines
  • You're after a great real-cash bonus
Guide to fruit machines

A Guide to Betting On Fruit Machines

Classic slots, or fruit machines, are available at amusement arcades, funfairs, and cafes all over the United Kingdom. They work in a fairly basic way, and under law the maximum stakes can be as much as £100 per spin.

Players spin three reels, with 1-9 paylines available. Different real-cash payouts are made depending on the symbols that line up on the reels. While live fruities have a set stake, online casino games can be played at a much wider range of bets.

In some games, special bonus features like Nudges, Holds and Trail Bonuses can increase the player's winnings.

Fruit Machine Features: Bonus Games and Jackpots

While easy to play, UK-style fruit machines tend to have similar bonus features.

HOLD: This randomly-triggered feature lets the player 'hold' a reel or reels in place while the remaining reels spin. This can increase the chances of hitting a winner.

NUDGE: Nudges also trigger at random. A Nudge lets the player shift a reel up or down a set number of times. The aim is to nudge a reel to help form a winning payline.

HI-LO: In some games, a bonus round will trigger at random. The player gets to double their money by hitting a Higher or Lower button and guessing whether the next number displayed on the machine will be high or low. At online casinos, this is performed using the computer's Random Number Generator.

TRAIL BONUS: In many fruit machine games, a bonus round will trigger that gives the gambler the chance to work their way round a prize trail. By taking further spins and progressing along the trail, the player can win more cash, nudges, or free spins.

Top Fruit Machines Casinos

Finding the Top Casinos Online

In 2023, it's possible to enjoy dozens of great 'classic' fruit machines. They are cheap to play as you only play one or two paylines per spin. However, the variance (or swings) can be big as you keep trying to hit that big jackpot. Many modern fruit machines have five reels and up to 20 paylines as well but keep that 'fun' fruit theme.

But for players who hate the bells and whistles of modern video slots, fruit machines at a casino online can be a great way to win cash. There are no animated cutaway sequences, no 50 fixed paylines, and no pricey progressives to distract the player.

All of our top picks come with a great range of games to suit all wallets. You can also enjoy lots of deposit methods to get your money in and out fast. UK-facing casinos with lots of online fruit machines tend to have the lowest transaction fees too.

Our Casinos Online Have Great Welcome Bonuses

At CasinoOnline.com, we only rate and recommend the top Internet gaming websites. All of our expert picks have lots of fruit machines that give you the best chance of a payout. And all the software is audited to ensure a totally fair experience.

Sign up with one of our top-reviewed websites today. Making a deposit is the first step to earning a nice welcome bonus. Many classic online fruit machines will contribute towards your bonus too.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are fruit machines?

Fruit machines are essentially slot machines. The name is used mainly by British players, and refers to the fruit that often makes up the symbols on the reels. Nowadays though all types of slots can be classed as fruit machines, regardless of whether they actually feature fruit on the reels or not.

How do they work?

Anyone playing a fruit machine will first have to decide on their bet amount, and it is also possible that they’ll need to decide how many paylines to play. The reels are then spun, and where they land will determine whether the player has won a prize, or if they have activated any of the bonus features.

What games are popular?

There are absolutely loads of different fruit machines at online casinos, however the most popular ones are those that offer progressive jackpots. These include games such as Mega Moolah, Major Millions and the games from the Marvel series.

How much can be won?

This really depends on the individual fruit machine, as prizes can vary massively. The jackpot is generally thousands of dollars though, when playing at the maximum stakes. Progressive fruit machines offer the biggest jackpots though, and they can reach into the millions.

How do they payout?

If you manage to get a win at an online fruit machine, the money will be added to your online casino balance straightaway. You can then choose to spend this money on the same game, a different game, or to withdraw it from the site.

Do they payout often?

Hitting a jackpot on a fruit machine is rare, but well worth it when it happens. This doesn’t mean that wins aren’t regular though, as most machines will pay out small wins every 3-4 spins. The number of wins can be more or less than this though, depending on the slot’s overall volatility.

How do I beat the fruit machine?

There are many theories around that purport to show how fruit machines can be beaten, but unfortunately they are all wrong. This is because online fruit machines are completely based on luck, so there’s nothing a player can do to tilt the odds in their favor. Therefore, slots should be played primarily for fun.

Are they rigged?

No, they certainly aren’t. Each fruit machine will have a set RTP (Return To Player) which will dictate how much, on average, it will pay back to the player. Any reputable online casino will have these figures verified by an independent body, to ensure that players are being treated completely fairly.