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A Guide to Double Joker Video Poker: Top Rules and Strategy

One of the more popular Microgaming Video Poker variants online, Double Joker Video Poker works a little like Jacks or Better but with added side bets to make things interesting.

A joker is included in the pack, which acts like a wild card (completing 5-card hands), and players also have the chance to double-up after a winner.

Let's take a closer look at this simple yet exciting Video Poker variant, and offer up some key tips to get your bankroll moving faster.

This page is for you if:
  • You want to know about Double Joker Video Poker
  • You'd like to brush up on the rules
  • You want to know some basic tips on holds and draws
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Getting Started: Double Joker Video Poker Rules

As always, players must first decide how many coins they wish to bet. Generally, the highest payouts are reserved for the maximum bets, so it is best to bet the maximum number of coins.

Once the bet has been made, the player presses the Deal button unless they have pressed the Bet Max button, which immediately deals while betting the maximum number of coins.

5 cards are dealt to the player onscreen. Jokers are automatically held, as are winning hands that are naturally dealt, but otherwise the player may choose to hold as many or as few cards in the hand as desired.

Payouts and Rankings

Once that decision has been made, the Draw button is pressed to replace the cards that have not been held. Once the cards are replaced, Double Joker Video Poker determines whether the player has won based on the final strength of the hand.

Double Joker Payouts & Ranks

(all ranks and payouts for 1 coin bet)

Double Joker Poker - Payouts And Rankings
  • Natural Royal Flush 500 coins
  • Joker Royal Flush 100 coins
  • Five Of A Kind 50 coins
  • Straight Flush 25 coins
  • Four Of A Kind 8 coins
  • Full House 5 coins
  • Flush 4 coins
  • Straight 3 coins
  • Three Of A Kind 2 coins
  • Two Pairs 1 coin

Players can bet up to five coins per hand, and the Double Joker side bet allows players to increase their wins further.

Side Bets: The Double-Up Game

Most Double Joker Video Poker machines will also allow winners to attempt to double their win in a side game.

If the player chooses to do this, a hand will be dealt face down, with the first card flipped over. The player must then select a down-card that is higher-ranked than the card shown. If it is, he doubles his bet. If it's lower he loses his entire win.

Double Joker Video Poker: Decent Strategy

When strategizing in Double Joker Video Poker, even low cards can be worth keeping if you have no other opportunities to improve a hand.



Double Joker Poker - Decent Strategy

7s - 2h - Ks - 3h - Qd

For example, a hand like this - 7-2-K-3-Q with two hearts - you would eye up saving the 2 and 3. This is because while the King and Queen might have a chance of making a high pair, the ranking of these individual cards is not very helpful.

The unsuited K and Q could possibly be improved to two pairs, three of a kind, a straight, full house, or four of a kind. This is fine, but the suited 2 and 3 have the added opportunities of making a flush and straight flush. While still unlikely, this means a greater overall likelihood of winning compared to the unsuited picture cards.

Essentially, when playing Double Joker Video Poker you must always hold a winning hand if you have been dealt one, always hold Jokers, and must otherwise make decisions on what to hold based on the likelihood of getting an improved hand.

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