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A Guide to Double Joker Poker Casino Games

Double Joker Poker is available at all good Microgaming-powered casinos on the net. It plays out like regular video poker online, with one interesting difference: Jokers are included and act Wild.

Double Joker Poker is easy to play, and players can bet anywhere from one to five coins per hand. As with all regular versions of video poker, you can also double your winnings with a separate "Gamble" round.

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This page is for you if:
  • You want to understand the rules of Double Joker Poker
  • You want to know the various payouts for real-cash players
  • You are looking for a good casino that has video poker
  • You want a great real-money welcome bonus

How to Play Double Joker Poker Online

At the start of a Double Joker Poker casino game, pick how many coins you want to bet: 1 to 5. Hit the 'Deal' button and your five cards will be dealt out.

Now you have the option to Hold (keep) any of the five cards or redraw them. Click on the cards you want to keep and hit the 'Draw' button. If you make a qualifying hand that matches the paytable, you win.

Note that the computer will usually automatically hold any good cards. If you disagree with the computer's choices click on the cards to release them, then hold your own.

Online Double Joker Poker Payouts

Players can choose from one to five coins before play starts. The lowest qualifying hand is two pairs. The biggest payer is a Natural Royal Flush, with a Royal Flush formed with a Joker coming next. A Natural Royal Flush when playing five coins pays out 4,000 coins.

Double Joker Poker Payouts (1 coin)

Natural Royal Flush 500

Double Joker Poker - How To PLay

Joker Royal Flush 100

Five Of A Kind 50

Straight Flush 25

Four Of A Kind 8

Full House 5

Flush 4

Straight 3

Three Of A Kind 2

Two Pairs 1

How to Bet on Double-Or-Nothing

After any winning hand, you can try to double your payout. Hit the 'Double' button and you'll see four down cards and one face up. Click on the down card you think is higher than the up-card. If you guess right, you double up. Players can keep doubling up, or simply hit the 'Collect' button to take your money.

Finding a Good Double Joker Poker Site in 2023

Double Joker Poker can be a fun real-money gambling game if you like Wild cards. The joker doesn't come up often, however, and the two-pair minimum means you may lose a lot before you start winning.

However, because the game is designed by Microgaming, you will usually find plenty of other video poker action alongside the game at most casinos.

Picking a solid casino online is essential. It should have a good license and excellent reputation on payouts and customer satisfaction. It should also allow fee-free deposits and fast withdrawals.

Find Good Double Joker Poker Site

Our Casinos Offer Top Bonuses

Double Joker Poker is a great video poker variant for players who love their wild cards. It might be hard to trigger the bigger wins but with a 4,000-coin jackpot there's plenty to aim for.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Double Joker Poker?

Double Joker Poker is just one of many different variations of video poker. It differs from the rest for one main reason: there are two jokers added to the pack, and these can be used to replace any other cards to create winning hands.

How is it played?

Players are initially given five cards, and they then have to decide which they want to keep, and which they want to change for new ones. The resulting hand will be their final one, and they’ll receive a prize if their hand is good enough to match a hand on the paytable. There is then often the chance to double a win by using the gamble feature, although more experienced players avoid this.

How does it compare to other video poker games?

The basic gameplay of Double Joker Poker is the same as other variations, however the fact that it features two jokers adds a new dimension to the game. These added jokers do mean that the minimum hand required for a win is higher though, as players will have to hit at least three of a kind to be a winner.

Where can I play it online?

Double Joker Poker is extremely popular among online casino players, therefore it is offered by loads of different casinos. Some of the more popular casinos offering this game to players include Betsoft and Spin Palace.

How much can be won?

The best hand you can possibly get when playing Deuces Wild is a natural Royal Flush, which means a Royal Flush created without using any wild symbols. This pays players an amount of 800:1. A Royal Flush containing a joker is also a great hand to get, with a value of 100:1.

What are the odds like?

Unlike some other video poker variations, Double Joker Poker doesn’t have an RTP of over 100%, however it is pretty close. This is because the RTP is 99.97%, meaning that players should expect to lose, on average, $0.03 for every $100 they bet at this game.

Is it possible to use a strategy?

There are a couple of basic strategies for new players to remember, however more advanced players will have a string of different tactics that they use. The first thing to remember is that you should always hold a pair or higher, and the next thing to remember is that it’s not usually a good idea to chase hands when you already have a qualifying hand – unless you’re trying to hit a Royal Flush.

Is there a mobile version?

Those looking to play Double Joker Poker on their mobile devices are in luck, as many casinos offer a mobile version of this game. What’s more, the game will be virtually identical to the desktop version, in terms of gameplay and prizes.

Is it safe to play?

Many people are concerned about security at online casinos, however we’ve looked through most online casinos and evaluated the levels of safety that they offer. Therefore, you’ll always remain safe if you use a casino that we have recommended.