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Top Recommended 2022 Casinos Online for UK Players

Top Recommended 2022 Casinos Online for UK Players

With gambling online growing each and every year in the UK it’s becoming more and more difficult to figure out exactly where you should be playing online. That’s because there are literally hundreds of different casino options to choose from, and each one of them claims to be the best of all. That’s why we work hard to help find the actual best casinos so that we can make recommendations to players. Only by taking the time to actually review the different casinos can we point fingers to the quality options and direct people away from the low quality stuff. We’ve put together a list of some of the very best online casinos for UK players in 2022 and we encourage everyone to look through the different options and choose the one that’s best for them. Through detailed research, Betway casino became our top recommendation to 2022 gamblers from the UK thanks to excellent promotions and a leading game library. By playing at one of our top-rated casinos you’ll enjoy all of the following perks.

  • Generous promotion amounts that make joining worthwhile
  • Top level mobile support
  • GBP acceptance and common deposit and withdrawal method support

A Diverse Games Library

A Diverse Games Library

Before joining up with any online casino it makes sense to look at the games that are being offered. After all, a casino is only good when it has the games that you are interested in playing. That’s why we take the time to look over all the games available at any one particular casino and only recommend casinos that offer quality and diversity. When we find a casino that offers both of those things we make note to recommend it based on the games library.

By playing at one of our leading real money casinos for UK players, you’ll have access to a variety of slot, video poker, table games and even some sports betting game options. There’s an excellent diversity of casino games online, and one of the benefits of playing online is having access to all of them right from home.

UK players enjoy the top game selection and excellent promotions of our leading casino options

Experience Live Dealer Action

Live dealer games are fast becoming popular with UK players because they bring a more life-like feel to gambling online. Sure you are still placing bets in a virtual environment but you see the dealer that’s handing out cards, turning the roulette wheel or handling the dice. When you see the person handling the items that affect your game, it feels a whole lot more realistic. That’s the major benefit of playing at casinos with live dealer games.

We don’t recommend just live dealer casinos, but many of our top recommendations do come with quality live dealer games for you to explore. Gamblers looking for a top notch gaming experience should take the time to look through our leading recommendations for some action-packed live dealer gameplay.

Huge Payouts from Progressive Jackpots

For players that aren’t familiar, progressive jackpots are like the lottery of online casino games. They are pooled prizes for a particular game. That means that every player that plays the same progressive slot, will be contributing money to the prize pool. Over time that prize pool will grow in size to massive levels. Eventually one player out of the pool will win all the money. Progressive jackpots are exactly how players can win millions of pounds playing a single slot game, and often the bet amount that wins is miniscule compared to the final prize.

Progressive jackpot games are very popular today, so we look for these games when reviewing casinos to be sure that they’re available. Most of our UK casino online recommendations have at least a few different progressive jackpot games. There are slots, table games and other non-conventional online casino games that all come with progressive jackpots that make things more interesting.

MobilePlay with Tablet or Smartphone

MobilePlay with Tablet or Smartphone

If you love the freedom of gambling online, you’ll really enjoy the liberating feeling that comes from gambling with a mobile device. Whether you are having tea at the local café, you’re sitting in your living room in your pyjamas, or you’re at a friend’s house, you can be gambling comfortably by using a mobile casino.

Most of the top-rated UK online casinos come with excellent mobile support allowing gamblers to enjoy much of the game library using a mobile device, and also making it possible to play with most devices. When searching for sites to recommend to our mobile players we look at the devices supported, the games available and whether they are instant play or an app is required to enjoy them.

While very few casinos online support all modern mobile devices, here is an overview of what many of our top recommendations support.

Kindle Fire
Samsung Galaxy devices
HTC and LG devices
Windows Phone

PaymentsUK Friendly Payment Systems

With so many different ways to make a deposit into an online casino it can be overwhelming trying to decide on method you want to use. Some players are comfortable with credit cards or an e-Wallet service like PayPal, while others would prefer to just use an existing bank account and make a transfer. The method used really depends on what people are comfortable with, and that’s alright. That’s exactly why we focus on finding casinos that offer a wide variety of payment options, so that you have the power to choose the option that you prefer. It’s easier that way and makes it simple to get started with the casino.

Our UK Online Casino Selection Process

Our UK Online Casino Selection Process

Our top casino recommendations list is put together with hundreds of hours worth of research and testing. We take the time to look over all the different features of countless websites, and only after going over all that can we put together a comprehensive list of sites that we truly believe in. While trying to find the best options for UK gamblers, we look at a variety of features of each of the different gambling sites that we’re considering. Here’s a breakdown of what our reviewers look for while searching.

  • The Game Selection – There should be many different games to choose from and many of those games should be well-known and of a high quality.
  • Mobile Support – Many different mobile devices should be supported and a large portion of the game library should be playable on a mobile device.
  • Safety – Online gambling can be risky, top sites must utilise the latest security measures.
  • Customer support – Support staff should answer questions quickly and completely and a variety of support methods should be offered.

UK Problem Gambling Resources

Gambler’s Anonymous

GamCare – the Leading UK support system for gambling addiction

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are UK casinos safe to play at?

Our top rated UK casinos are safe to play at. That’s because they are carefully monitored and safety measures are put in place. It’s important to realise that not all online casinos are safe to play at, so choose with care.

What payout percentages do UK players receive from casinos?

It’s impossible to give exact figures for payout percentages, but it’s common for online casinos to pay out around 97% of revenue taken in. Games themselves will be higher or lower than this percentage depending on the type.

How can I add or remove money from my account?

To add money to your casino account select your payment method and enter in the amount that you would like to deposit. Follow the included instructions to finish the deposit and add funds to your account. To withdraw money follow the same steps but choose approved withdrawal methods which may be different than the deposit methods with approval.

Do online casinos support GBP?

Yes some online casinos do support GBP as a deposit and withdrawal currency. This is not the case for every casino though, and that’s why it’s a consideration we make when choosing casinos to recommend.

Is real money necessary for gambling online?

No, UK players are free to play for fake money at many online casinos. They just have to realise that they will only win fake money and that the gaming experience will not be nearly as exciting as it could be if real money were involved.

How can I get welcome bonus money?

To unlock a welcome bonus you simply have to deposit money and then gamble on one of the many supported games. You’ll have to gamble with a certain amount of money, and the bonus will unlock from there.

What features should an online UK casino have to offer?

The right online UK casino for players in 2022 should offer excellent games to choose from, promotions that pay out a decent amount to new players and ongoing promotions for long-term players, mobile support and excellent security. Those features will make for a good gambling experience for most players.