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Casino Online Terms & Conditions

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This is not an online gambling destination. Casinoonline.com does not stock casino games, for desktop or mobile, and is not in business for the purpose of making money through gaming of any kind. Furthermore, no visitor to Casinoonline.com shall be asked to pay a fee, or stand in line to receive monetary reward for any action taken at the site. Casinoonline.com is a website that gathers information about the best online casinos on the Internet, to serve the public with an information and entertaining destination to cater to the individual’s interest.

Where Casinoonline.com references, promotes or advertises online casino sites, we always do so without any endorsement to said website. We are not affiliated with particular casino sites, nor do we own or part own any of the casino sites featured. There should never be an assumed association between Casinoonline.com and the websites listed. In addition, we offer no warranty for any of the casino sites listed and place all responsibility for the decision to play at an online casino with the individual.

Content at Casinoonline.com may appear with flaws such as factual inaccuracies, missing information or outdated details. This site shall offer no warranty as to the quality or accuracy of our content, and it is not our responsibility should incorrect content lead to any action of the individual. We reiterate that the decision to play at an online casino shall always lie purely with the individual. Casinoonline.com is not a source to be held accountable for your choice of online casino, nor any event or cost that may incur should you decide to play at a site featured.

Casinoonline.com sets out to provide an unbroken, round-the-clock service. While it is our intention to make the site available at all times, however, we shall not be held accountable for outages in service. Moreover, Casinoonline.com is neither responsible for informing individuals about outages in process or those to come, or indeed for fixing outages should they occur. No warranty is offered to the public to guarantee a permanent service, and there is no onus on this site to ensure a permanent service is delivered. We retain the right to take the site offline indefinitely.

It is understood that the process of downloading casino-related software may cause serious damage to technical equipment and certain files. It is not Casinoonline.com’s responsibility to recover costs suffered in the act of downloading software, or to protect the individual against such damages. We would strongly recommend that those downloading casino software do so having taken all the necessary security measures. It is also advised that individuals place files of importance in areas where they cannot be harmed in the act of downloading software.

All those accessing online real money casinos must do so in adherence with local gambling laws. It is the sole responsibility of the individual to come to a detailed understanding of what local gambling laws mean for their participation at online casinos. Some states and countries deem online gambling legal, while others do not. There are also considerations to bear in mind such as legal gambling age, tax owed on potential winnings, and whether certain online casinos might be deemed illegal to play at in a particular place. Casinoonline.com shall not be liable for any breach of the law that may occur in relation to online casinos featured at our site, or elsewhere.

Risks inherent with the activity of playing at an online casino include gambling losses, financial hardship and gambling addiction. Individuals are urged to be fully aware of the risks involved and act at all times with sensibility and caution. It is not the responsibility of Casinoonline.com to recover financial losses suffered playing at online casinos, nor to protect against any other potential outcomes that may occur in the act of playing at an online casino. Individuals shall always play at real cash online casinos entirely at their own risk, and by their own decision.

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