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Bingo Bucks Online: A Guide to Easy Rules & Strategy

Online casino Bingo Bucks is a five-row, five-column game which entails 12 paylines. Paying out like a slot machine, it differs in that the game is based on spinning balls rather than wheels.

Once the balls finish spinning, symbols are shown on the screen which is then checked to see if they match the enabled paylines.

It's not available at all casinos online, but it's a great real-money game to enjoy any time of the day. You can also use the game to contribute towards a great welcome bonus when you join up.

This page is for you if:
  • You are curious about the real-money online casino game
  • You want to learn the basic rules of the game
  • You want to understand key strategy tips
  • You want to find a good welcome bonus for Bingo Bucks players

Bingo Bucks: A Guide to Playing

Bingo Bucks - A Guide To Playing

After the balls fall in a game of Bingo Bucks, players are paid out. In fact, you will be paid for any winning combinations which have landed only on the paylines which are active.

Activating your paylines is easy. The first coin activates the first (horizontal, center) payline; the remaining 11 are still disabled. For every coin after this first one, a new payline will be activated. For example, 3 coins enables the first, second and third pay-lines. The fourth through twelfth paylines are disabled.

Wagers start off at $0.25 per line, after which they continue in denominations of $0.50, $1, $2 and $5. You’ll immediately notice that you can play Bingo Bucks online with very little money.

Once you have chosen how much you want to wager, you decide your fate for possible outcomes by selecting the number of paylines to activate. The ‘Bet One’ button allows you to choose one payline at a time. ‘Bet Max’ will activate all lines. After this, click ‘Roll’, cross your fingers and wait to see what appears on the screen. If you have any of these combos on an activated payline, you have won:

  • Two Pair of any symbol – 5 coins
  • Three of a kind – 6 coins
  • Full House ( 3 of one symbol, 2 of another) – 10 coins
  • Three of a kind – 12 coins
  • BIN, ING, or NGO – 25 coins
  • BING, INGO – 50 coins
  • BINGO – 1000 coins

If you win at Bingo Bucks online, your reward will be paid out based upon the number of coins won times the value of the coin played. For example, if you bet the minimum of $0.25 and won 25 coins from having a ‘BIN’, you will have won $6.25.

Simple Strategy

Bingo Bucks - Simple Strategy

While there are no hard and fast rules for playing Bingo Bucks, it's still possible to make your bankroll last longer.

If you can afford to, Bet the Max on any game. In Bingo Bucks, you could win up to $5000 on a BINGO with a Bet Max ($5). Whereas, had you only bet the minimum of $0.25, you would walk away with $250. Remember to only bet max if you have the money to do so.

Building a bankroll is essential: when you are visiting a casino online, Bingo Bucks is a great game with which to start building a bankroll. To do this, you can bet on the minimum and continue playing until it is stable.

When you’re ready, you can increase your bet, while still keeping your bankroll at a balanced amount. Eventually, once you have won enough real cash, you can begin to afford to make riskier bets without going in the hole.

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If you like gambling on bingo but want some casino action included, Bingo Bucks is for you. It's not available at every casino site but if you can find it, it offers the chance to win some easy cash. Games are available at a range of stakes and you can find a great bonus to boot. Just make a deposit and get gambling straight away.