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Not all that many online casinos hold tournaments, which is surprising given how popular they are at casinos that do hold them. In a tournament, you get to test your luck or skill against other players on a game chosen by the casino. This could be a slots game, blackjack, or even roulette depending on where you play. The best part about tournaments is that you wager a set amount to enter, and yet you can potentially win tens of thousands of dollars in the biggest events!

Online casino tournaments are not normally winner-takes-all affairs, unless only have a handful of players are involved. Generally in tournaments of a decent size, prizes are paid down many places, though the overall winner will receive the largest prize of all. In big enough tournaments, prizes are sometimes paid down to 500th place or more, and consolation prizes of casino bonuses are very common in slots tourneys.

Slot Tournaments

Slot tournaments are the most popular type of online casino tournaments, as anyone can play them and still have as good a chance of winning as other players. Usually, slot tournaments give players a limited number of tournament credit to play with on a specific slots game, and the goal is to have the highest balance of tournament credits by the end of the tournament. Rebuys are usually allowed for players who go bust, as starting from zero again with less time to play doesn't confer an advantage.

The Vegas Technology casinos offer great value on their slots tournaments, usually holding at least one slots tournament with a $50,000 guaranteed prize pool every week. Another great thing about Vegas Technology casinos is that they often offer free initial entry into their major tournaments for the month. The best Vegas Technology casinos to play at for tournaments are Go Casino, Crazy Slots, and Online Vegas.

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Live Blackjack Tournaments

Live blackjack tournaments played in internet casinos aren't all played the same way, but they do share a few things in common. First of all, all players in the tournament play simultaneously, though they are split into separate tables when numbers are high enough. Many live blackjack tournaments run by eliminating players after a certain number of hands have been played, knocking the players with the smallest chip stacks out of the tournament. This continues until only 1 player remains, the overall winner, yet the prize pool is usually divided amongst the top players.

Live blackjack tournaments are run in two types: Sit and Go tournaments and multi-table tournaments. In Sit and Go tourneys, you face only a small group for a limited prize pool. The upside is that you can play a Sit and Go anytime enough people are available. In multi-table tournaments, you play at a set time, against however many players signed up for the event, and the potential rewards are far greater than for a Sit and Go tournament.

The best casinos for live blackjack tournaments are Cherry Red Casino and Rushmore Casino. Both use the same system for live blackjack and have a very exciting rules set that leads to fast blackjack action against hundreds of other players. Some of the biggest prize pools for live blackjack tourneys are also found at these casinos, with some tournaments offering as much as $21,000 in total prize money.

Other Online Casino Tournaments

Casinos can also run tournaments in a way that allows them to use any of the games they feature. The tourneys at All Slots Casino and other Microgaming casinos are a good example, where players are given a small amount of starting tournament credit, as well as a set amount of time to play that credit. At the end of the tournament, the player who made the most money in their playtime wins the top prize. Players still can rebuy, but they still only get a limited time in with which to play the rebuy as well. This system allows Microgaming casinos easily run tournaments not only in slots, but also in blackjack, and potentially any other non-jackpot game featured in the software.

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