Roulette has been played since way back in the late 18th century but still there are a number of myths and common misconceptions that online casino players believe about the popular game. Today, we will discredit a number of these myths so that players will be more informed the next time they play online roulette.

You can play online roulette at Win Palace.

A Roulette Number Can Be Due

Many online roulette players place their bets around numbers that haven’t been spun for a period of time – with the mistaken view that this number is ‘due’. Every single spin of the roulette wheel is separate from the previous with no prior result having an influence on the future. This means that placing bet on numbers that are ‘due’ is a dangerous strategy as this is simply not how the game works.

All Roulette Wheels Are the Same

A number of players believe that all roulette wheels are the same but this isn’t the case. At Win Palace they host both American and European roulette games. These wheels are different with the American version adding a double zero to the wheel. Because of this we encourage all roulette players to play the European version of the game as it has a lower house edge giving you a better chance to end your gambling session a winner.

The Results Aren’t Random

It is a common worry for online casino players that the online roulette wheel is rigged and the results aren’t random. At Win Palace and all the other leading online casinos advertised on this website this simply isn’t the case. Win Palace is maintained by Technical Systems Testing which ensures that the software systems and equipment that operate today’s most trusted gaming destinations are certified to the strictest standards of technical compliance.

If I Double My Bets after Every Loss I am Bound To Win Eventually

A common practice for roulette players is to double their bet after every loss in a mistaken belief that they will eventually recuperate their losses. This is known as the Martingale system of betting and is extremely dangerous as a string of losses could see your bankroll disappear in no time at all.

Make sure you keep these facts in mind next time you play online roulette at Win Palacee and don’t allow your strategy to be affected by these myths.