Many players at online casinos believe that Pontoon is just a version of Blackjack with a different name. Although the games do have a number of similarities they are still very different in subtle ways and, in some instances, Pontoon is the very game. Today, we will look at the main differences between the two games and show you why Pontoon can be an excellent online casino games.

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Dealer’s Cards Dealt Facedown

In Pontoon the dealer’s cards are dealt face down. This means that in Pontoon there is more complicated strategy than Blackjack as you don’t have a rigid set of rules to follow for correct strategy, which can make the game more enjoyable. However, it does make the game trickier which is some of these other variations are added to lower the house edge.

Double Down Rules

One of the major differences between Blackjack and Pontoon is the changes to double down rules. In Pontoon you can double down during any stage of the hand as well as being able to hit after doubling down. This gives you a better chance of winning, once you double down, as you aren’t handcuffed by only being allowed one additional card.

Can Split Any Pair (Including Aces) Up To Three Times

In Blackjack you are only allowed to split cards once but in Pontoon you can split all pairs up to three times. While this strategy can be a risk it also gives you the opportunity to really win big on a single hand.

Dealer Stands On Soft Seventeen

Unlike Blackjack in Pontoon the dealer is forced to stand on soft seventeen. Although this doesn’t seem like a big difference it does lower the house edge by almost 0.50% – a big difference in a game with as small a house edge as Pontoon.

Five Card Tricks

The most important difference between Blackjack and Pontoon is the addition of the five card trick. A five card trick is when a player has five cards in their hand without busting. When a player has a five card trick they automatically win the hand and are paid out 2:1 their original bet. This is a substantial extra feature that can change the strategy of the game and make it slightly more complicated than regular Blackjack.

It is obvious that Pontoon is its own game and offers players a different challenge to Blackjack. Sign-up and deposit at SilverOak today to give this exciting new game a try!