Earlier this month our team of online gambling experts named the leading online casinos in which to play Video Poker. We discovered that Win Palace, Silver Oak and Casino Ttian all offer an excellent range of Video Poker Games. However, with so types of Video Poker which variation of the game is the best to play? We have analysed a range of different Video Poker games and come up with the variations we think offer the best online gambling experiences for players.

Deuces Wild

One of the best features of Video Poker games is that they have a low house edge and Deuces Wild offers the best odds of all. In fact, if you follow the optimal strategy for the game you can actually tip the house odds in your favor! Because all twos in the game act as wildcards you have an excellent chance of creating a winning combination with every single hand. Deuces Wild is perfect for players who have patience and are happy to grind out a small win across a number of hands.

Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better is one of the original Video Poker variations and it is no surprise that the game has been popular for so long.  Jacks or Better is extremely flexible and can be enjoyed by both players who are looking to score a jackpot win and those who prefer winning small prizes across a number of different hands. Jacks or Better has a very slim house edge giving smart players the opportunity to make a profit from the game.

Joker Poker

Joker Poker is slightly more complicated than the other two variations but when it is played properly is incredibly exciting. Joker Poker adds two jokers to the game with these cards acting as wild cards and substituting for all other symbols during the game. This gives you a better chance of scoring rare hands like a Royal Flush or Five of a Kind and winning major prizes!

We suggest the next time you play Video Poker at Win Palace you give one of these variations a try! You will not only have more fun but win more prizes as well!