Sic Bo is an incredibly intriguing and exciting game that is rapidly growing in popularity and challenging Craps for the most popular dice based game at online casinos! Today, we will give you five reasons why you should give the Ancient Chinese game a try at SilverOak!

5. Wide Variety of Betting Options

Sic Bo gives you a wide range of betting options on every roll of the dice. If you can take the conservative route by betting on small totals from four through ten (that pay 1:1) or go for broke and bet on big totals like seventeen that pay (60:1)

4. You Can Win Big On One Roll Of the Dice

In Sic Bo you can bet on a triple (three dices of the same total) that will really reward you if it comes off! While there are only six winning combinations the payout is 180:1 which means that it could well and truly be worth the risk.

3. Easy To Follow

Sic Bo is a very simple game to understand as the betting options are a lot easier to follow than Craps. At Silver Oak the action is even easier to follow as they have a big screen in the game that shows you all the betting options and winners for every roll of the dice!

2. Fast Betting Action

Sic Bo is extremely fast paced as prizes are rewarded with every roll of the dice. Unlike Craps there are never any pushes so you can get a great deal of betting action done in only ten minutes of playing time.

1. Deposit Bonus At Silver Oak

The best part about playing Sic Bo at SilverOak is that you can take advantage of a very healthy deposit bonus. If you deposit $50 and quote the coupon code SPECIALFIVE you will receive $100 in free casino credit that you can use to play the innovative game!

It is not hard to see why Sic Bo is quickly become one of the most popular games at online casinos. Sign-up and deposit at SilverOak to play today!