When people think about betting systems their thoughts often go to the highly controversial Martingale betting system. The Martingale betting system requires gamblers to double their bets after every loss and be extremely dangerous for those who don’t have a large bankroll.

The fact is there are betting systems out there that are more likely to give you positive results than the Martingale. One of these systems is the Paroli betting system that we will look at today.

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The Paroli betting system can basically be used for any online casino game but today we will look at its application in Blackjack at Win Palace.

The purposes of the Paroli betting system is too take advantage of winning runs and limit the losses when you hit an inevitable losing streak. In its simplest form the Paroli system requires players to double their best after every win. For example, if you bet $20 and won, your next bet would be $40. However, when you have a losing hand you bet returns to the original amount.

By using the Paroli betting system in Blackjack you can take advantage of the winning streaks that you will often find in Blackjack. In order to protect profits we suggest that all players have a winning cap (say five hands) and once that cap have been hit revert back to your original bet. This is because you will eventually lose a hand and this way you can safeguard your profits.

The best part about the Paroli system is that you can use it no matter what the size of your bankroll. Because you only double your winnings after a win, rather than a loss, you are only gambling with your winnings and can’t put a permanent dent in your bankroll.

The Paroli system will not make you an instant winner and you must still use the correct basic blackjack strategy. However, the system has the potential to increase your winnings in a positive session and limit your losses if you are having a bit of bad luck.

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