Pai Gow Poker and Casino War are two increasingly popular games that you will be able to find at a majority of online casinos. Both games have their supporters but which game is the best gambling option for you? We will take a look at the pros and cons of each game to see what your best fit is.

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In terms of simplicity Casino War easily has the edge over Pai Gow Poker. In fact, Casino War might be the easiest of all online casino card games to understand as it involves only two cards. In contrast, Pai Gow Poker can be quiet intimidating to rookie players as there are a number if cards on the table and the rules aren’t quiet as self-explanatory as Casino War. If you are a beginner online gambler looking for an easy game than Casino War should be your choice.

One of the best aspects of Pai Gow Poker is that it involves an element of strategy and your success in the game doesn’t rely on solely luck. If you make the correct decision on when to bet you can swing the house edge towards your favor. Casino War just doesn’t have this element and relies solely on luck. If you are a player who enjoys taking control of the game and make strategic decisions than Pai Gow Poker is the game for you.

Both Pai Gow Poker and Casino War are exciting in their own way. War moves very quickly and there is always action while the pace of Pai Gow Poker is slower but there are more moments of excitement in each hand.

It is evident that Pai Gow Poker and Casino both have their advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking for a fast-paced game that doesn’t require much thinking give Casino War a try but if you want a more methodical game that requires some strategy give Pai Gow Poker a go.

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