While Craps is generally a popular game at brick and mortar casinos sometimes the online version doesn’t get the love that it deserves. Today we will give you five reasons why you should start playing online craps at Win Palace today!

5. Value For Money

Craps is generally a relatively slow-moving game and because there is a great deal of pushes each bet generally remains on the table for a fair amount of time. This means that you don’t go through your bankroll too quickly if you happen to go on a losing streak. Craps is one game where you can legitimately spend hours at the table.

4. Excitement Factor

Every single roll of the dice in a game of Craps is incredibly exciting and every roll can be decisive. At its best there is simply not an online casino game that is more exciting than Craps.

3. Easier to Get Started Than Land Based Craps

While playing Craps at a brick and mortar casino can be intimidating because of the large amount of people gathered around the table, playing online who don’t have this problem. Win Palace clearly explains the rules of the game so you can jump right in and get started without worrying about ruining somebody else’s bets.

2. Wide Variety of Betting Options

In craps there is a betting option for everybody. Players who like grinding out a profit can choose to keep the game simple by making simple bets while players who are looking for a big prize can have a go at a longshot and try the proposition bets in the center of the table.

1. Low House Edge

Craps has one of the lowest house edges in any online casino game as long as you stick to the simple bets. In fact the Craps bet Laying the Odds gives the casino no edge whatsoever and is the best bet that is available in other casino games. With the bonuses that are offered by Win Palace the odds are really in your favor playing Online Craps.

Online Craps really is one of the most exciting online casino games on offer and can potentially be one of the most profitable. Sign-up at Win Palace to play today!