Let ‘Em Ride is a very exciting casino game that is now available at Casino Titan. While the game doesn’t share the popularity of blackjack or three card poker it is still a very enjoyable game that we believe should be played by more online casino players. Here are our top five reasons why you should try Let ‘Em Ride at Casino Titan!

5. Has a Progressive Jackpot

Unlike most casino table games Let ‘Em Ride features a progressive jackpot which means players have the opportunity to win a major prize every single hand. The Let ‘Em Ride progressive jackpot at Casino Titan operates with the following payout table:

Royal Flush = 100% of total Jackpot

Straight Flush = 10% of total Jackpot

Four of a Kind = $500

Full House = $100

Flush = $75

4. Three Bets Per Hand

In Let ‘Em Ride you have the opportunity to bet three times every hand, which gives you the opportunity to really cash in and take advantage when you have an excellent hand. This once again means you have the chance to win a big prize on every hand and not just double your initial bet like in blackjack.

3. Requires Strategic Decision Making

Let ‘Em Ride requires players to make a decision on whether to raise every single hand. This means that is perfect for blackjack and poker players who enjoy the strategic element of casino games.

2. Player Has Some Control Over the Outcome

Because the game requires strategic decision making players have some control over the outcome of the game. Players who know when to raise and when to fold have a far greater chance of making a significant profit playing the game.

1. The Game Is Extremely Exciting

Let ‘Em Ride is an extremely exciting game as every card can improve your hand significantly and give you the chance to win a big prize. There aren’t too many games more exciting than Let ‘Em Ride so we encourage all gamblers looking for something a bit different to try it out today!

Why not try Let ‘Em Ride at Casino Titan today?