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For the truly busy gambler, even the convenience of online gambling software on a computer is too restrictive. Mobile casinos are appealing to such users, they allow for online casino play wherever mobile Internet access or a Wi-Fi connections are available, depending on the mobile casino and phone being used.

Many of the major online casinos offer mobile games as complementary software to their major PC software. Golden Palace, for instance, offers a mobile casino, though it cannot accept players from North America. Bodog Mobile accepts North American players, with mobile casino software to suit regular cell phones as well as smartphones. Both mobile casinos have a lot to offer, each catering to a different region.

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Mobile casinos normally handle incoming calls quite smoothly. While not all software handles interruptions the same way, incoming calls can usually be taken while you are playing and your current game information is stored for access once you are finished with your call. Mobile casinos are designed to be easily picked up and played, as those looking to play for longer periods are more likely to play using online casino software.

The interfaces used by mobile casinos are usually quite basic, designed for the limited storage of most mobile phones. This makes them fairly easy to use, as options are usually limited in comparison to a full online casino. Nevertheless, mobile casinos are a lot of fun and perfect for times when you will be away from your own computer with nothing to do.

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Game developers understand there is a need to provide free casino games for clients, and no exception is made for free mobile games. Available to just about everyone with a smart phone, free mobile casino games provide all the same excitement as their real-cash counterparts, with a few added bonuses!

There are many reasons to play free games instead of their paid versions. While the obvious reason is to save money, players who are new to certain games or who are testing strategies can benefit from free mobile games as there are no requirements to spend money.

Everyone has played a friendly game of garage poker at one time or another, which provide an exhilarating thrill and hours of entertainment; free mobile games seek to expand upon this by adding stunning graphics, customizable user options and multiplayer interfaces that allow for online chatting, strategy sharing and tips, all from the convenience of anywhere you wish to play.

Free mobile games are actually often a more exciting, compelling experience, as the designers have generally pulled out all the stops in order to hold the player's interest.

The majority of casinos that provide free mobile games use points systems instead of real cash. When players sign up, they are awarded a particular amount of points and these increase and decrease as the player wins and loses. Free mobile games often feature leaderboards, highlighting who has been able to leave a legacy on a particular game, much like a classic arcade.

The biggest bonus of free mobile casino games is the occasional ability to win real money and prizes by playing, without wagering any money of their own. While these often come in the form of tournaments held by each online casino, they are always worth a try as they cost absolutely nothing and offer amateur players the opportunity to fine-tune their skills on their favourite games!

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