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Video poker falls under the same kind of play style as slot machines, but video poker play is primarily based around 5 stud poker. In video poker, you are simply dealt five cards that you may then keep or change in order to create a winning hand. There is no element of bluffing, which is part of the appeal to many players.

Online Video Poker Screenshot
Online video poker screenshot from Go Casino

Video poker machines are an exceptionally popular attraction in casinos. Many people find the table games in casinos to be rather intimidating, so video poker machines provide a low pressure avenue for gaming that can still entertain for hours on end. A single game of video poker usually costs very little, so it can be especially appealing to people with a modest bankroll.

As video poker is so simple to play and to install in casinos and clubs, you can find machines in many countries around the world in a great number and variety of locations. People who do not live conveniently close to a gaming venue can also play online video poker, which can simply be played on a home computer instead of requiring a dedicated machine.

The odds of getting a payout on video poker can be quite favorable compared to some other forms of gambling, depending on the machine you play on. Legitimate casinos and online video poker sites will operate under regulations that tend to place the theoretical payout between 75 to 95 per cent of the money put in, or even as high as 99 per cent for full pay video poker games. This payout percentage varies greatly from machine to machine, so be sure to look for the ones paying out the most frequently.

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