Casino Hold'em

An enjoyable variation of poker that's played in online casinos, it is a solitary game which you play against the dealer.

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One of the biggest bonuses of playing Casino Hold'em is the fact that you're only playing against the dealer. This not only makes it an easier game to play but also makes using a strategy much easier. Rather than trying to read all of the players at the table, you only have to concentrate on what the Dealer is doing and his/her strategy is written across the felt right in front of you!

Online Casino Hold'em Screenshot
Online Casino Hold'em screenshot from Go Casino

While there is no set strategy for Casino Hold'em, having an understanding of poker and poker strategy will help you in winning. Most of the time, it makes sense to call. In fact, you'll only need to fold about 18% of the time. If you find that you have any of the following after the Flop, you should call:

  • Any Pair
  • Draw to a Straight
  • Draw to a Flush
  • Two over cards

Really, the only time you should fold is when your two Hole Cards are unpaired, low cards that don't present any Straight or Flush opportunities.

Remember that the dealer needs at least a pair of 4s or higher to qualify. If the Flop presents at least this situation, then knowing this will be helpful if you're holding a questionable hand. Whether you play the bonus or not is entirely up to you, but you should know that, as always, the house edge on this bet is pretty high (around 6.26%).

Regardless of how you play, Casino Hold'em is a lot of fun and offers plenty of winning opportunities.

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